St. Petersburg's First Historic District.

Tour of Homes Was a SUCCESS!

A rainy day couldn't stop over 200 visitors from enjoying the 10th Historic Roser Park Tour of Homes on April 2nd. 

With 8 host homes open and volunteers throughout the neighborhood, we heard only good things from our guests! The only negative comment was that we didn't advertize enough. That's something that we'll improve NEXT time!

The Association netted approximately $3,200 which will be used to support the HRPNA mission.  

I want to thank the people who generously opened their homes:

  • Lisa Suprenand (Ronald McDonald House West)
  • Sue and Matt Nigro
  • Peter Horton and Larry Powell
  • Frank Condo
  • Jane and Roger Jann
  • Tyrone Campbell and Guido DeRienzo
  • Stephanie Smart and Tom Schmidt
  • Mike and Patti Hohman

A lot of those people were on the Committee which began preparations for this tour late last year. 

Committee members and their unique contributions:

  • Lisa Suprenand - brochure designer and lemonade stand coordinator
  • Kai Warren - architectural consultant and walking tour guide
  • Kathy Posey - volunteer coordinator and marketer
  • Ron Posey - guest vehicle research and rental
  • Larry Biddle - ad sales and press release writer/distributor
  • Mike and Patti Hohman - idea generators and poster distributers
  • Jane Jann - home writeups and marketing
  • Sue Nigro - plant giveaway coordination 
  • Tom Schmidt - graphic artist for poster and home photos
  • Ron Motyka - walking tour guide
  • Deb Camfferman - committee chairman


Jann homeJann home

Condo homeCondo home


This year we had homes across the whole neighborhood... from 7th Ave S to 12th Ave S. 

Thanks also to all the neighbors who cleaned, trimmed, blew leaves... and leaves... and leaves..  to make the neighborhood look pretty. And to those who spent time in homes and on the streets ... guiding our guests to the next homes and getting them back to the garage in the rain!

  • Ron Posey
  • Toni Whipple
  • Olya Schaeffer
  • Lisa Spaid
  • Chris and Jenn Petta
  • David Warren
  • Sharon Ewe
  • Donna Gilbert
  • Michele Cardinal
  • Kai Warren
  • David Schramm
  • Carolyn Pavonetti
  • Catherine Nivens
  • Ron Motyka
  • A girl named Kate worked in the Plant Booth
  • The fabulous group of Ronald McDonald volunteers